I set up a peertube instance last night!

It can be found at https://bolitoglossa.com

The name of Bolitoglossa comes from the genus of the mushroom-tongued salamanders, which are arguably some of the coolest salamanders out there. I've modified the style CSS to match the style of mander.xyz and to give it what I think is a clenar look, feedback is welcome.

In my opinion, what the ecosystem needs is more 'regular' videos, similar to old-style youtube. Video blogs, amateur tutorials, home experiments, videos about a birds eating food in the backyard - simple content that anyone can share. Things to make people engage with each other through video. So I will moderate the instance with this view in mind - most topics are allowed, but NSFW, hate speech, and misleadingly dangerous content will be removed.

As of now I have the registration unrestricted and a 20GB daily upload limit. If I run into problems with these settings I will adjust accordingly in response.

The data is stored on an SSD that I physically own. I will leave the instance running indefinitely, but if for any reason I have to take it down I will do my best to give a fair warning and I will try to make sure the owners can keep their videos. But as an amateur self-hoster I am not able to make stronger guarantees.

Feel free to use this instance to upload content, or ask me questions about how to set up your own.