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“We are handing over such important capability to the net-zero transition to an entity that comes from an authoritarian and hostile state at a time when the European Union and other countries are going in a different direction,” says Scottish lawmaker Stewart McDonald, adding this would not be in the UK’s economic or energy interests.

Chinese company Mingyang Smart Energy Group was given “priority status” in offshore projects in tbe North Sea.

“This very company that’s going to be setting up here in Scotland was declined by our Norwegian neighbours recently for a similar project,” McDonald says.

The Glasgow South MP said it came “hot on the heels” of the UK government linking China to recent cyber-attacks on voter data.

He added: “I think the UK government need to explain why a project of this magnitude in an industry that is clearly sensitively strategic has been allowed to go ahead.”

Beijing was accused of attempts to access details of MPs critical of the Chinese government, which Mr McDonald said included himself.