It was a very long process. My dad gave me this laptop a while ago and I immediately installed linux, but I had two situations neither good -- either use the chromebook kernel and get wifi but run an ancient version of linux, or use a foss kernel and run a new version of linux but lose wifi. Besides that, neither were very quick. The ancient version of linux was so old that running a reasonably modern web browser was out of the question.

So I ended up installing prawnOS:

Some really cool stuff with the latest prawnOS is it has panfrost built in, so the speed of everything was 100 times faster. Still no wifi, though. I had a USB 2.0 ethernet adapter I bought for the occasion, and was able to get online with that.

Next, I installed the kernel I found here:

Suddenly the wifi worked correctly. I tried several modern web browsers, and they didn't work. I couldn't figure out exactly why.

I changed the /etc/apt/sources.d to look for sid instead of jesse and did an apt update && apt upgrade && apt full-upgrade.

Running the latest sid with the latest kernel, I'm writing this post on Chromium.