I understand the project aims at a level of minimalism and that there is a difference between lotide and hitide.

Si it's not about lotide not becoming minimalistic.

But if one wants lotide to the THE fediverse fortum platform I think this type of minimalism can be a bit niché, which is fine in itself. But for the flagship stuff and getting people in to it, it might make so that there are likely less that will give lotide a chance than otherwise because how alien it would seem to them.

I think it would be interesting to have in addition to the minimalistic hitide, to have a more fance front end that is visually pleasing and have good branding. Maybe something visually similar to the zorin discourse based forum? I'm not to hung up on that, I can go any way as long as it attracts people.

And in addition to that that the possible "joinlotide.org" could share a similar branding, so that the minimalistic stuff and happen at the same time.

But on the other hand, you can make minimalism work. But there has to be put a lot of thought into the branding, design and visuals.

My opinion doesn't need to be what the lotide project does, but I think it could be an interesting discussion.

Another thing is that it would be neat to look into the possibillities of lotide repacing the function of stuff like discourse and having a set up similar to how the zorin forum is or the opensourcedesign forum is that you can turn on or something. That would be super powerfullll