I know there's a lot of people who speak out against black interfaces. To be frank, I just don't get it!

People say black is overwhelming. How so? It's black. The absence of light. Anything next to it is immediately high contrast!

People say you can't enjoy black themes, I just don't get it. Cell phones with oled screens use black themes all the time and not only does it look great, it saves power!

People say black themes are hard on the eyes. I just don't see it. Staring at a light bulb for 8 hours a day is the thing that's hard on the eyes.

I've made my choice, obviously. Modded search, soapbox-fe, peertube, and lotide to use a nice black and white and red theme. That means most of my internet life I spend on black themed websites. Maybe It's just me, but that's what I prefer.