Comment on Twitch vs YouTube Wars: Which is Best for Live Tech Videos?

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@Hyolobrika @realcaseyrollins @Tech Absolutely! I strongly disagree that #Twitch is better than #YouTube for livestreaming though. #YouTube has far better discoverability, and the fact that your live streams are left behind and archived means there's a good chance people will find your videos afterwards. Searching on #Twitch is terrible. I remember when I was looking for #DONDA streams, the search function yielded me nothing. People were doing streams about #DONDA on #Twitch, but I had to search #Reddit to find links to the #Twitch streams.

These two videos convinced me of this:

This is why I think something like #PeerTube is the ultimate alt-tech solution. It combines the best of both #YouTube livestreaming, and self-hosting. Livestreams save themselves, and you can self-host while getting your content aggregated across the #Fediverse rather than being siloed on your own internet island. If you get cut off from federation from big instances, if you were self hosting you can still do all your streams and it's probably easier to get your fans and viewers to switch over. And also, it's probably the easiest system to use for live video podcasts because since each channel has an #RSS feed, the instant your episode is done, it'll be added to the feed.

#Owncast seems cool but the discoverability of being just on one site (which can arbitrarily remove you btw) vs. being on #Peertube and being federated on the entire #Fediverse doesn't seem to be a strong argument in #Owncast's favor.