I noticed over at lemmy they do not allow anyone to post content that suggest vaccines to be ineffective or not effective. Even calling it "Right Wing" To suggest big Pharma might not have your best interest in heart. They can do what they want on their instance but if you want real debate with both sides allowed to express their opinions wolfballs might be one of the best instances around. We welcome discourse of all kinds. Moderators are allowed to moderate their communities how they see fit.

And below that they even claim to be antifa. Antifa is known for now allowing communication to take place which in my opinion is very fascist.

This is no different than the Nazi's burning books or Mao burning the books of China destroying thousands of years of culture and history to the point that to study Chinese medicine Chinese have to travel to Japan where ancient Chinese medicine is still preserved in practice and in written word.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and thank you for all the shit post, thought post, troll post, all the post.