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-PPI is up over 7% both in June and July. This is the HIGHEST raise since PPI became a thing in 1980. 

-We've hit our debt ceiling, yet we just spent $1.2 trillion. There's another $3.5 trillion bill on the docket. These both come after the Biden administration spent $8 trillion since January. 

-We've printed trillions in unemployment over the last year and a half. 

-The eviction moratorium got extended. 

-CPI has seen 5% raises in the last 3 months. Last time this happened? Summer 2008. 

-Bond interest rates are rising which will devastate the stock market. 

-The cost of shipping from China is up 400% this year + China recently closed the third biggest port in the world because one worker had Covid. 

-Hundreds of thousands or more jobs opened up than were taken for the past three months, and we have a labor shortage + record unemployment simultaneously. 

-Vaccine mandates rolling out will increase labor shortage. 

But I saved the best for the last:

Zero pink haired sociology professors and zero late night comedians have mentioned any of this, therefore there's no valid source for the information and inflation is a myth.