Students and union denounce the exclusion of men from a computer workshop organized by the cultural department of Rennes-2 University, as reported by "Le Figaro".

Nothing could justify this non-mixing”, assure students and union representatives of the National Interuniversity Union (UNI), through the voice of their lawyer. All denounce the organization by the cultural department of the University of Rennes-2 of a computer workshop dedicated to musical software "reserved for women", as relayed by Le Figaro Étudiant . "My clients were extremely shocked by the 'single-sex' nature of this workshop", explains Me Frédéric-Pierre Vos, in a letter addressed to the president of the university. According to him, “nothing, absolutely nothing, can legitimize the single-sex nature of the workshop”, neither its theme nor the program itself. The lawyer assures him: “This software has nothing sexed or delicate to use by male hands.

The UNI denounces in a tweet "a drift of the woke ideology (which) is spreading dangerously in French universities". "Misandry and extreme left feminism do not have to be subsidized", he denounces, recalling that these courses are financed by the university and therefore "by everyone".

The university ensures that it is a question of promoting diversity in the artistic environment Me Frédéric-Pierre Vos therefore called on the university to open this workshop to all students according to the principles of “equality”, “non-discrimination” and “neutrality” “inherent in the action of the public service ".