Comment on Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer plans to retire

That's unlikely Masterballs. Replacement will most likely be nominated before midterms. So, they will need Sinema & Manchin to get majority to elect a new Supreme w/o Repubs.

Both Sinema/Manchin have been very centrist, and have shot down Biden's 'Build Back Shitter', 'Voting Rights Shenanigans' and the Fillibuster (60 vote requirement) removal. The entire Dumbocrat establishment have been savaging them for a year now. She was hounded at a friend's wedding, chased into a toilet, parodied every week by SNL.....

Manchin 74, has a long, conservative, centrist record, and is the only Democrat who gets elected in a Republican State (W Virginia). Sinema 46, voted in line with Trump 50% of the time, and is as conservative as Manchin. She is 47th most conservative senator currently. She comes from Arizona, which was purple in 2020, but due to Biden's shenanigans, is likely to be red till 2024.

Both will face re-election in 2024.

The odds are good, that we will get someone close to the center