Comment on The Vaccine Money Has Dried Up At Fox News!

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Random Youtubers are getting higher ratings than the establishment media, and that’s because people aren’t finding comfort within the establishment.

I've seen arguments that certain CNN shows have less viewers that popular youtube streamers. If you were to poll the average western person about "Where do you get your news", I'd still doubt the majority would say "YouTube". TV and newspapers I'd guess.

The rich and powerful have always been rich and powerful, of course, but when the scales appear so dramatically tipped in their favor,

There was a time where it was off with the head if you criticised the king, and the rich and powerful literally owned people. I'd say we're a far cry away from that, now a days it's so frowned upon you'd have to do it covertly. The scales have never been less unfair than these times, I'd say late 90's was peak freedom.

and the rate of change so clearly is moving more towards their benefit, then bad things start to happen, and lo and behold bad things are starting to happen.

Yes, and at this pace we'll be in trouble real soon.