Comment on Jones ordered to pay 42.5 M in punitive damages. This has a cap, either 750k or 7.5Mn

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Don't worry. Firstly, the punishment was not the $, but dragging his name through the mud via dragged out process and media manipulation. Sadly, they've tried everything and Jones won't shut up. If anything he has gained huge following since Covid and Uvalde (Sandy Hook 2.0). Let's call it the Trump effect. They keep demonising you, but it just makes you more popular, lol.

The damages itself are tiny. His income 5 years ago - 300Mn per year according to the leaked texts.

I don't think it will survive appeal. She asked him for Google Analytics data, after Google banned him. It was impossible. Used that to 'default' guilty verdict.

Bigger question is, how to remove the judge. I am not sure she is elected. Such a unjust process needs repair.